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my journey towards making jewelry has been rather strange, because I have never been a person who wears jewelry. But I have always loved making handicraft. As a kid, I used to love collecting small stones when walking on the beach or in the woods. Later I was amazed by tumbled crystals, which I found from different little shops. Then it was quite natural that I started searching for information about the characteristics of different gemstones (there is so much information, that it still keeps me busy). One way to bring crystals to your everyday life is to wear them on you as jewelry. When you choose jewelry or a crystal to yourself, I recommend taking time to listen to your inner self, because in different times you may need different kinds of crystals. It has been said that a crystal chooses an owner, you just need to know how to listen.  

In addition to significant healing abilities, crystals and gemstones (also pearls, amber, etc.) have miraculous and fascinating appearance, which has an effect on virtually everyone. When designing and making jewelry, I have used these two values – beautiful appearance and healing abilities – to make each piece unique. I have added information (gathered from relevant literature and internet) about the characteristics of the gemstones to some pieces, and will try to do the same with the rest in the future. On this website I would like to show you pieces of jewelry that I have made. I will also be regularly adding new photos of my work and information about gemstones.  

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